GSK | HSJ WEBINAR: Working collaboratively across the ICB to deliver COPD medicine optimisation 

Tuesday 20 July | 19:00 – 19:45 PM

This is a promotional webinar, organised by GSK in conjunction with HSJ and is fully funded by GSK. It is intended for UK Healthcare Professionals only.

The formation of Integrated Care Boards presents a new era for medicines optimisation – and no more than in COPD.  

With respiratory disease affecting one in five people in England and COPD representing a £1.9 billion annual economic burden – the opportunity to look at the value of medicines and how to optimise clinical and cost outcomes remains a top priority for the NHS.  

By working together across the end-to-end patient pathway, ICBs can now embrace new decision-making structures that will alter long-established funding flows, enable innovative workforce models and influence prescribing governance to deliver impact. It is through these new ways of working that ICBs will be able to address health inequalities, support carbon reduction, build workforce capacity, enable cost savings – all whilst delivering improved health outcomes.  

In this webinar we’ll be talking with panelists who are working in ICBs that are positively embracing the new opportunities for medicines optimisation in COPD. Through practical case study examples we’ll be exploring:  

  • How to unlock new opportunities in COPD by working together across the patient pathway 
  • The practicalities of collaboration  
  • How to deliver medicine optimisation in COPD at scale   


Speakers include: 

Darush Attar-Zadeh, ICB representative: Respiratory Lead Pharmacist, NHS RightBreathe
Dr Dinesh Shrikrishna, Primary care representative: Clinical Lead for Respiratory medicine, Musgrove Park Hospital Somerset
Nipa Patel, PCN representative: Clinical Pharmacist, North West Surrey Integrated Care Services
Sally Warwick, Chair and GSK representative: Account Manager, South of England 

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