Transforming cancer RTT times through digital and operational optimisation

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Thursday 30th May 10.30-11.15 am 

This is a promotional webinar, organised by GE HealthCare in conjunction with HSJ and is fully funded by GE HealthCare. 

Stagnated patient care driven by healthcare data access challenges and staffing shortages have a big impact on clinicians’ time spent with patients. The treatment selection in cancer therapies tend to be more linear, segmented and rather ‘trial and error’-based. The need for efficient data utilization in healthcare together with a Digital Transformation Vision are critical moving forward to enhance clinical decision making and outcomes in complex multimodal environments.

Join this webinar to listen to Key Opinion Leaders in Healthcare discussing how digital transformation can be accelerated to tackle healthcare challenges with advanced molecular and digital tools. You will learn how a shift towards a data-driven healthcare ecosystem can enable patient-centric precision care focused on diagnostic imaging, precise treatment planning, optimal therapy, trial selection, and remote patient monitoring. Improving efficiencies and workflows in cancer treatment and patient outcomes are viable which could lead to elevated patient and staff experience.

Speakers include: 

Ben Clover, Bureau Chief and Webinar Chair, HSJ
James Brenton, Professor of Cancer Medicine, Honorary Consultant in Medical Oncology, Cancer Research UK, Cambridge Institute
Jennifer Graystone,  Clinical Director, Thames Valley Cancer Alliance  
Ben Newton, General Manager Oncology, GE HealthCare


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